Meeting done regarding Quotations submitted by publishers

(A) Concerns of the Committee

  • The proposals/quotations submitted by the respective publishers need to be reworked in order to make it more acceptable/workable by the committee
  • To expedite actions, meet and interact more often and take things forward

(B) Next Course of Action

  • ANBAI Committee will initiate discussions with each publishers separately starting 08th-Feb-2016 to arrive at final pricing per specialty
    • 1.08th-Feb-2016, Monday – BMJ @ 2:30 PM
    • 2.10th-Feb-2016, Wednesday – Elsevier @ 2:30 PM
    • 3.12th-Feb-2016, Friday – Springer Nature @ 2:30 PM
    • 4.For the remaining publishers a mutually convenient time will be agreed upon and meetings will be held either in person or telephonically latest by 20th-Feb-2016
  • Thereafter, ANBAI Committee will do a sample study with some ANBAI Member institutions across spectrum (Very Large/Large/Medium/Small) and also non-member institutions (if any) in order to understand the benefit of Uniform Learning Resource vis-à-vis their current spend
  • Once the understanding is made, a meeting will be scheduled at NBE’s office in presence of Dr. Bipin Batra, ANBAI Committee members and Publishers’ representatives in the first week of March (tentative)
  • In the foresaid meeting, it is understood that the publishers should be ready with their final proposals/quotations
  • It is understood and agreed upon that the publishers will provide the option to member institutions of Subscribing for users who are not DNB trainees / faculty. The publishers can charge on a per user basis. Needless to mention, the content on ULR will be provided ‘Specialty-wise on a Per-User basis only’
  • A formal letter to be sent from NBE/ANBAI to all the member institutions for disseminating information on the Uniform Learning Resource to gauge the ‘intent to participate’
  • The publishers are requested to send their suggestions for the names of ‘Third Party Agent’ out of which ANBAI committee can decide upon one
  • The scope of work/activities for the Third Party Agent will be the following
    • Publicize the resource – ULR in coordination with ANBAI Committee/Publishers/Member Institutions
    • Regularly work with the member institutions and Publishers
    • Collection of funds and its distribution amongst publishers in the respective currencies
  • ANBAI can float an advertisement in the leading national dailies – requesting for quotations from content providers/publishers
  • Lastly, a formal launch event will be planned tentatively in the first week of May 2016 which will see some of the participating member institutions, ANBAI Committee members and Publishers’ representatives. This event will mark the commencement of a 30-Days TRIAL of all the resources through Uniform Learning Resource

C) Some Key Points –

  • Publishers can provide the list of their existing accounts to ANBAI which might be common member institutions
  • ANBAI can initiate the collection of information of member institutions, database of registered DNB students, contact person from the institutions
  • All the publishers are hereby informed to initiate the process of their respective products integration on the Uniform Learning Resource through the technology partner e-Mantras – Contact Person - Mr. Srini - srini@emantras.com
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