Minutes of the Governing Council Meeting

Venue: Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Date: 16/12/2010
Time: 10.00am

Attended by:


Dr. Alexander Thomas


Dr. Sudhir Joseph


Dr. Rajasekaran


Dr. Kunal Sarkar


Dr. H.S. Ballal


Dr. Muralidhar


Dr. Devi Shetty


Dr. Prem Nair


Col. Rajeev Mannali


Dr. John Jacob


Dr. Preeti Jain


Dr. S.K. Sharma


Dr. B.S. Murthy


Dr. Ravindra Sabnis


Dr. S.N. Goyal


Dr. C.P. Singh


Dr. Padmaja


Dr. Chandy

1. Dr.Ballal explained regarding 2 zonal representatives from each zones

Following members were nominated to represent the zones:

Zones Representative States in the Zone
West Dr.S.N.Goyal (Madhya Pradesh)
Dr.P.M.Bhujang( Maharashtra)
1. Gujarat
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Maharastra & Goa
4. Rajasthan
South Dr.Prem Nair (Kerala)
Dr.Murali (Tamilnadu)
1. Tamilnadu + Pondicherry
2. Karnataka
3. Kerala
East Dr.S.K.Sharma (West Bengal)
Dr.B.S.Murthy (Andhra Pradesh)
1. Assam
2. Bihar + Jharkhand + Orissa
3. West Bengal + Meghalaya
4. Andhra Pradesh
North Dr.Mishra (Delhi)
Dr.Saurabh Luthra (Uttar Pradesh)
1. Chandigarh + Haryana
2. Delhi
3. Himachal Pradesh + Jammu & Kashmir + Punjab
4. Uttaranchal + Uttar Pradesh

2. Previous minutes were ratified.

3. Registration of society and Bank account: Dr.Alex informed that registration of Society will take about 3 weeks. Signatories for Bank Account will be President, Secretary, Treasurer and one more signatory from Bangalore. Any two signatories will be sufficient. Resolution passed that Dr.Ballal is one of the signatories.

4. Location of secretariat – Dr.Rajasekaran felt since bank account is in Bangalore, secretariat should be located in BBH. It was resolved that the secretariat will be in Baptist Hospital, Bangalore

5. Membership fees: It is decided that fees should be Rs.500/- per course per year (including fellowships). For the state chapters actual expenditure towards travel and hospitality to attend ANBAI meetings will be reimbursed by central ANBAI. Membership fees to be paid by 31st January of every year. Other measures for fund raising to be considered.

6. Dr.Alex informed the members that a meeting with Dr.Sreenath Reddy, NBE President on 21/12/10 in New Delhi.

The following resolutions are passed by Governing Council members regarding the meeting with President of NBE

a. Dr.Ballal, Dr.Prem, Dr.Alex, Dr.Sudhir and Dr.Murthy with Dr Devi Shetty will be meeting the President, NBE on 21/12/10. They are authorized to represent views of ANBAI and decide any further course of action.

b. The points to be stressed during the meeting with the President:

  • Admissions to NBE courses – To explain to President of NBE the views expressed by all state chapters regarding admission criteria.
  • Effective communication with board: It is uniformly felt that communication with institution as well as students should be more effective. ANBAI can request board to start regional centres.
  • Other issues : Faculty as examiners and inspectors
  • 7. Governing council meeting will be in February and August of every year. Next governing council meeting will be – Saturday in April and General body meeting tentatively in August in Coimbatore.

    Role of Governing Council Representatives:
    a. Membership drive
    b. Zonal member should be in close liaison with State Chapter Presidents
    c. Set up State meeting before national meetings so issues can come to national meeting
    d. Dr.Murali to take up student cell issues- possibilities

  • Liaison with students for their problems
  • Academic activities.
  • 8. Logo for ANBAI : Dr.Rajasekaran to co-ordinate regarding logo. Various ideas will be collected from members and circulated.
    Dr.Rajasekaran explained regarding the ANBAI website. It can be accessed at www.anbai.org The membership form can be obtained from the website and these forms after signature to be sent to Dr.Rajasekaran. (The modified membership form will have details regarding the number of courses, details of DNB Co-ordinator, Head of Institution and the amount of fees paid)

    Role of state chapters:
    a. State chapters to take active role in recruiting member institutions. They should make sure that all the institutions send the membership form as well as membership fees to the ANBAI office.
    b. Membership fees to be sent by Demand Draft in favor of ANBAI payable at Bangalore. This is to be sent to the Secretariat office at Bangalore .
    c. Central ANBAI should inform state chapters regarding the number of institutions enrolled.
    d. Zonal representatives to co-ordinate with the state President in recruiting member institutions

    9. Dr.Prem Nair brought to light regarding the discrimination in the recruitment of DNB qualified doctors in medical colleges especially in Kerala. ANBAI to write to Kerala Government regarding this issue. Can request NBE to write to Kerala Government.

    10. Other problems faced by DNB institutions were discussed.
    a. Selection process: Institutions are facing lot of problems regarding selections.
    b. Difficult to get senior residents
    c. Long gap between the theory and practical examinations
    All these issues will be taken up to NBE at a later date

    11. Other activities of ANBAI:
    It was suggested that DNB chapters in each speciality can be formed in individual cities.
    a. Online library facilities can be organized by State Chapters and Local chapters
    b. Training of faculty members in teaching and thesis in liaison with programmes conducted by NBE
    c. Possibility of connecting ANBAI website with NBE website
    d. DNB co-ordinators should act as mediators between students and ANBAI

    12. General Body Meeting:
    a. Next General Body meeting is tentatively fixed during August in Coimbatore
    b. Member institutions to send points of discussion to the secretary 3 weeks in advance
    c. To invite Dr. Sreenath Reddy and Dr.Batra to address the GBM
    d. One session to be addressed by NABH.

    13. Auditors for the year – President ANBAI is authorized to select auditors for the year

    14. A press release to be given regarding the formation of ANBAI. This is to publicise information to all the institutions and students.
    The meeting was adjourned.

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