Minutes of Conference call held on 22nd Jan 2013.

Dr. Alexander Thomas, Dr. Rajasekaran - Coimbatore, Dr. Shantharam Shetty – Mangalore, Dr. Narendra Trivedi - Mumbai, Dr. Naveen Thomas – Bangalore, Dr. Jaishankar - Chennai, Dr. John - Delhi, Dr. Padmaja – Bangalore.

Agenda :

1.  Annual meet of ANBAI in Bangalore - 10th or 17th August 2013.
2.  Membership drive - Dr. Naveen Thomas.
3.  Academic progress update - Dr. Murthy.
4.  Proposal - no membership fees next yea.r
5.  Strategy for ANBAI.

1. It was discussed and decided to have the General Body meeting in Bangalore on 3rd August 2013. Dr. Alexander Thomas is authorized to select the organizing committee. It is decided that Dr. Devi Shetty will be the patron of the organizing committee.

2. Membership fee - It was decided not to charge membership fees for the next year. This will result in bringing all the DNB hospitals under ANBAI. This will serve as an encouragement for all the new members. ANBAI will inform all the DNB institutions about this initiative. Institution who have communicated that they do not want to be ANBAI member will be exempted.

3. Dr. Ballal suggested that there is a need to raise funds for ANBAI. Since next General Body meeting is held in Bangalore, all the DNB hospitals from Karnataka will be involved in fund raising. This is to be discussed in the organizing committee meeting.

4. The decision of MCI derecognizing fellowship programs was discussed. This may not affect DNB fellowships hence ANBAI will not pursue this any further.

5. Dr. Shantharam Shetty suggested that every ANBAI attached hospital should run at least one training course. Dr. Shetty and Dr. Murthy will follow-up.

6. It was suggested that all the member hospitals should be made aware of the achievements of ANBAI from its inception.

7. Organizing committee will be held in one or two weeks time and try to raise sponsorship.

The meeting was adjourned.

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