Sat, 27th August 2011 at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore


Members Present:

  • Dr Girdhar J Gyani, Secy General, Quality Council of India
  • Dr Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore
  • Dr Alexander Thomas, President, ANBAI
  • Dr Jeyasingh Thomas, President, ANBAI
  • Dr S Rajasekaran, Secretary, ANBAI
  • Dr H S Ballal, Treasurer, ANBAI
  • Dr Kumaran, Dean, KMCH Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr John (representing Dr Sudhir Joseph) Vice President, ANBAI
  • Dr S Raja Sabapathy, Director & Head, Dept of Plastic, Hand & Microsurgery, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr Chandy Abraham, Membership Incharge - ANBAI
  • Dr Devadoss, Zonal Representative - ANBAI
  • Dr Jeyasingh
  • Dr B S Murthy, Zonal Representative - ANBAI
  • Dr Immanuel
  • Dr K S Ramalingam, Coimbatore Kidney Centre, Coimbatore
  • Dr Arun Kumar, Physiatrist, Athma Institute
  • Dr Sandeep Chatterjee, Park Clinic,
  • Dr John Punnose, Stephen Hospital
  • Dr Rajeev Manali
  • Dr Kim Mammen
  • Dr P V Jayasankar
  • Dr Rajkumar Patil
  • Dr Narendra Trivedi
  • Dr Janani Sankar, Kanchi Kamakoti
  • Dr Ramesh, PVS Hopsital
  • Dr Ganesh Gopal, Vedanayagam Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr S B Viswaroop, Vedanayagam Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr Ramaswamy, Masonic Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr Janarthan, Managing Director, KTVR Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr N Siva, KTVR Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr Padmajee
  • Dr Uneen
  • Dr E G Mohankumar, Medical Superintendent, Alshifa Hospital
  • Dr P K Mishtra, ISIC Delhi
  • Dr Paneer Selvam, Arasan Eye Hospital


The Governing Board announced about the sudden demise of Dr. S. N. Goyal, Zonal Representative of ANBAI. All the members stood in silence for a minute as a mark of respect for the departed soul.   ANBAI conveyed the condolences for his wife and family. 

Dr Rajasekaran started the discussion about methods to increase membership of ANBAI.  Dr Alexander Thomas, President of ANBAI, suggested that the focus must be on academic activities. Members suggested that ANBAI should conduct teaching programmes only with the members of ANBAI group. This will attract the attention of non members to become members of ANBAI.  He also suggested that the participating trainees can be charged reasonable registration fee and the revenue arising out of this can be used by ANBAI. Dr Alexander said that the students who represent ANBAI associated institutions can pay reduced registration fee.  By doing this, the strength of ANBAI membership will also increase.

Dr Chatterjee indicated that ANBAI should regulate and conduct its own CME programmes subject wise and zonal wise by involving members from ANBAI institutions. These programmes should also be publicized. By doing this, ANBAI will get more credibility and can also get some revenue out of this programme.  Dr Alexander said that ANBAI should help those institutions who are conducting such courses.  He also informed about the suggestion by Mr. Sam Mehta who had specified that Euerron Group had expressed their willingness to sponsor some amount for conducting CME programmes.  On their part, they will take the materials arising out of these programmes and use them for their purpose.

Some members suggested that instead of involving Euerron  Group,  we should make our own CDs and sell them for a reasonable amount to various hospitals and the revenue out of this can be utilized by ANBAI.  The master record of the CDs can be maintained by ANBAI.  Dr S Rajasekaran felt that the editing of videos etc is a voluminous and time consuming process and will require huge infrastructure in terms of man power and materials.  He said that at least for the first two years, we will use the sponsor of Euerron  Group .

Dr Param Hans Mishra, Dean cum Administrator, Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Delhi highlighted the problems faced by his institution with regard to the central counseling process of the National Board of Examinations.  He felt that there should be a strong representation from ANBAI in this regard.

Dr H S Ballal, Treasurer, ANBAI said that ANBAI should take leadership in academics and any conferences that ANBAI hosts, the excess money collected should go to ANBAI to meet the day to day expenses.

Dr R Jeyasingh, Academic Officer , G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Coimbatore suggested that the academic activities can be considered under three phases: 1) In the city itself, 2) one in state and 2) one in zone.  He said that zonal activities would cost more but there will be less expenditure for activities in city but this requires co-operation between various institutions. 

Dr Rajasekaran indicated that it will be better to have DNB teaching programme co-ordinators per city and that we need to have persons from a multi speciality hospital. He requested Dr Jeyasingh to be one of the Co-ordinators for DNB Teaching programme. Dr Alexander Thomas indicated that there is an Academic Committee for ANBAI headed by Dr Muralidhar of Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore and requested Dr Jeyasingh to be a member in this committee. He also said that the academic activities can be done under the umbrella of the state chapter.  He also suggested that instead of a one-man show, the academic programmes under ANBAI can be performed as a team.

Dr Alexander read the names of the members in-charge of each zonal chapters .  He also said that the election for governing council members is due next year and the relevant papers will be processed soon.  GB authorized President / Secretary to nominate a Board member in lieu of Dr. S. N. Goyal.  Dr. Rajkumar  Patil was nominated to GB in lieu of Dr. Pandurang Bhujang

There was a discussion about having a liason officer who will co-ordinate with all ANBAI institutions for representing their problems to the NBE.  By implementing this, ANBAI will have more ability to address issues relevant to DNB institutions

Many members suggested that all institutions can indicate their problems in the ANBAI website and can keep building up the problems in the public domain of this website so that when the NBE or MCI visits the ANBAI Website, they will realize the problems faced by the DNB institutions and it will automatically put pressure on the NBE to sort out the issues faced by the DNB institutions. 

Dr Jeyasingh discussed about the centralized selection process of NBE.  He wanted to know the views of all members He said that he had a taste of the older system and the newer one and he highlighted the problems he faced by the central counseling method of NBE for the January session.


Dr Rajasekaran raised a question to the members present in the meeting about any vacant DNB seats still to be filled by the institute for which some members highlighted about the vacant seats( in Family & Medicine, out of four seats, only one is filled) 

Dr Rajasekaran insisted the importance of ANBAI institutions being together. He said that ANBAI and NBE should sit across, discuss and take things forward. He wanted a contact person in NBE wherein genuine problems can be made as a representation.

Dr Chatterjee said that ANBAI should conduct CME programmes and should invite Dr Batra or a NBE representative for all these meetings. This would resolve many of the issues. 

One of the members explained that during the last six months, there has been positive response from NBE.  They have formulated clear, strict rules and regulations – for example, an inspector who is being asked to inspect a DNB institution, should be a full time consultant of his institution and not part-time. He should give details of his ration card, bank account number, PAN number, proof of residence etc.

Dr Rajasekaran reminded the members about negative budgeting.  One of the member raised the question of membership fee per course per year and Dr Alexander clarified that it is Rs.500 per course per year.

Dr H S Ballal, Treasurer, ANBAI highlighted the pending money to be paid to the lawyers representing ANBAI to the tune of about Rs.8-10 lakhs.  He said that the lawyers till now have never been aggressive in their approach of requesting for their fees to be settled.  One of the member told Dr Alexander to ask for a discount from the lawyers with regard to the pending fees to be paid to them.  At this point of discussion, Dr Devi Shetty said that if all institutions form an association, say ‘ Association of all Hospitals’, then this type of financial burdens can be easily dealt with.  Dr Rajasekaran wanted Dr Devi Shetty to lead this association.  Every member present were sure in their acceptance that Dr Devi Shetty should lead this association as this idea was put forth by him.  This association of non-Government hospitals is Dr Devi Shetty’s baby and he has the charisma to carry it forward.   Dr Devi Shetty requested all members to think over about the formation of this association and then come forward with their frank opinions.

Dr Kumaran, Dean of KMCH said that it would be better to have a Co-ordinator from each state who will collect data of all hospitals and  nursing units.  He said that there should be state-wide representations, collection of data regarding their opinion and findings and then make them to be a part of the association.  He said that legal opinion and format of registration should be obtained before forming this association.

One of the member suggested that this association should have tie-up with CII for which Dr Rajasekaran explained that CII is a different body and it does not look into the affairs of the hospital as the problems faced by the hospitals cannot be linked to CII.  Dr Devi Shetty said that all members should bring the existing bodies to confidence. He indicated the requirement of a national teaching body and the need to have an extensive network which can also look into the academic activities like DNB.

Dr Rajasekaran again reminded the members present about the pending fee to be paid to the lawyers.  He suggested an idea of having a meeting with NBE officials without any demand. Dr Jeyasingh also appreciated this idea and he requested Dr Rajasekaran to plan a meeting of ANBAI higher level delegation with NBE (he requested Dr Devi Shetty also to be a part of ANBAI representation) so that things can work out to mutual benefit. 

One of the members highlighted the problem of accreditation faced by his institution for which he was clarified to send email communication to the concerned person who is looking after accreditation (there is a separate email ID generated by NBE for this purpose).

Dr Rajasekaran asked all members to feel optimistic that there is a possibility one day that ANBAI will have a person in the Board of NBE.  He said that, as suggested by one of the members present, it would also be better to work through the Ministry as this is one avenue which has not been tried so far. 

The audited financial statements ( Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure statements ) of ANBAI for the financial year ending 31st March 2011 was approved.

Dr Alexander mentioned  that the next Governing council meeting will be conducted most probably in Aug 2012 and the venue will be at Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Ernakulam, Kerala (Dr Prem Nair) 

The meeting was adjourned.




Those Present :

  1.  Dr. Alexander Thomas, President, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore
  2. Dr. S. Rajasekaran, Secretary, Ganga Hospital, Coimbator
  3. Dr. H.S. Ballal, Treasurer, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
  4. Dr. John

Representing Dr. Sudhir Joseph, Vice President , St. Stephen’s Hospital, New Delhi

  1.  Dr. Chandy Abraham, Membership Incharge, Bangalore Baptist Hospital
  2. Dr. Ramkumar Patil

Representing Dr. Pandurang Bhujang, Zonal Representative, Sri. Harikishen Das Nurottam Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.

  1. Dr. Rajiv Manali

Representing Dr. Prem Nair, Zonal Representative, Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kerala.

  1. Dr. Devadoss, Zonal Representative, Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital, Madurai.
  2. Dr. B.S. Murthy, Zonal Representative, CARE Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.
  3. Dr. P.H. Mishra, Zonal Representative, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi.


  1. Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Associate Treasurer, Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkatta.
  2. Dr. Muralidhar, Academics Incharge, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.
  3. Dr. S.K. Sharma, Zonal Representative, Eko Xray & Imaging Centre, Kolkatta
  4. Dr. Saurabh Luthra, Zonal Representative, Suraj Hospital, Uttar Pradesh


  1. Dr. Giridhar J Gyani, Secretary General, Quality Council of India
  2. Dr.  Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore


Dr. Alexander Thomas, welcomed all the members for the Governing Council meeting.

ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-1 : Confirmation of Minutes:
It was RESOLVED to approve the  minutes of the previous Governing Council  meeting held on April 7, 2011.

ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-2 : Report from Secretary:
Brief  report of the Secretary as presented by Dr. S. Rajasekarn was received and accepted.


ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-3 : Report from Treasurer
Report from the Treasurer as presented by Dr. H.S. Ballal was received and accepted It was RESOLVED to approve the Audited Financial Statements of ANBAI for the financial year ending March 31st 2011

ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-4 : Report from the Academic Member
Report  as presented was received and accepted


ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-5 : Report from the Members – membership
Brief report presented by Dr. Chandy on ANBAI membership was received and accepted

ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-6 : Plan of Action
It was decided to work with National Board to upgrade the standards of education

ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-7 : Budget 2011-12
The budget was presented for the year 2011/12 It was Resolved to approve the budget for the year 2011-12

ANBAI-Gov. C – 08/2011-8 : Next Meeting date
The  next Governing Council meeting was  fixed for August 2012 at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Ernakulam, Kerala.
The meeting was adjourned.


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