Minutes of the meeting held at New Delhi at PHFI office between
Dr. Srinath Reddy- President, Dr. Bipin Batra-Executive Director, National Board of Examinations and representative team from Association of National Board of Accredited Institutions on 22nd December 2011


Dr. Srinath Reddy

President, National Board of Examinations

Dr. Bipin Batra

Executive Director, National Board of Examinations

Dr. Alexander Thomas

Presedent, ANBAI

Dr. B.S.Murthy

Member (Academic) Governing Council

Dr. Raj Kumar V. Patil

Member, Governing Council

Dr. P.H. Mishra

Member, Governing Council

Dr. Alexander Thomas thanked Dr. Srinath Reddy, President and Dr. Bipin Batra, Executive Director of National Board of Examinations for giving their time and opportunity for ANBAI team to meet and present their view and a letter to represent views regarding National Board and the DNB training programme.

Dr. Alexander Thomas pointed out that the criteria for P.G teachers especially requirement of full time appointment is difficult to full fill in Metros and other major cities and towns. At least the second P.G Teacher should be allowed as a part time teacher who would be spending the required teaching hours in the concerned hospital. Full time appointments may not be financially viable for mid sized and smaller hospitals.

Dr. Srinath Reddy informed that full time faculty was a requirement for MCI and DNB, equivalence. It was also pointed out that at least 2 consultants would be required to handle an inpatient load of 35 patients which is a requirement of National Board. 

The recent hike in the application fee for fresh accreditation and renewal accreditation from Rs. 75,000/- to Rs. 200,000/- also will add to the financial burden of the concerned Institutions.

Dr.B.S. Murthy has brought to the notice that due to financial burden if the hospitals opt out of the DNB programme then the very and purpose of National Board of Examination will be defeated and the dearth of the qualified specialists in the country may persist. He requested National Board of Examination to consider a hike in fee of the DNB candidates.

Dr. Srinath Reddy suggested that National Board of Examination may be given details of expenditure of some representative institutions for one DNB candidates per year in a particular subject. This may help the National Board of Examinations to take a pragmatic look at increasing the tution fee appropriately.

Dr. Raj Kumar Patil & Dr.Alexander Thomas have requested to reconsider for considering the requirement of 5 publications in indexed journals for each department. Other suggestions were to consider presentations at National / International conferences and since the list of indexed journals is limited, that the DNB make a list of journals. This could be introduced in a phased manner for each specialty.

The National Board of Examinations authorities said they would consider and take a decision regarding the publications without diluting the quality and requirement so that the National Board of Examinations PG teachers may be considered at par with Medical Council of India PG teachers.

Dr. Alex also requested that the each P.G teacher may be given 2 candidates (like MCI) instead of one.

Dr. Batra informed that with secondary candidates in many subjects there are already 2 candidates admitted under one teacher in each year. Where there are no secondary candidates DNB will increase the seats on a 1:2 ratio.


The requirement is that the senior consultants necessarily need to have Medical College / DNB Hospital experience and also to have supervised the thesis of students. This will make the faculty a closed group and it will limit the number of faculty eligible to teach leading to accreditation problems. It was suggested that for the present, consultants with the requisite experience (not in non-DNB institutions and medical colleges) should mandatorily do a National Board approved workshop on Thesis guidance, and that this be considered to make them eligible.

Regarding the residents in the department, the Board will be flexible i.e., if a resident has 6-7 years (as opposed to below 5 years at present) they will be considered as junior staff.

While talking about the qualifications for the staff and faculty the National Board of Examinations officials clarified that the Senior Residents in Sub & Super Speciality need not be qualified in the sub or super speciality but could be DNB/MD/M.S from a broad speciality which is the requirement for getting into the sub or super speciality DNB.

While supporting the recent increase in minimum bed strength required as 200 as against stabile 120, Dr. Bipin Batra, Executive Director of National Board of Examinations has pointed out that earlier there were anomalous situations where hospitals with 120 beds have applied for 5 to 6 multiple DNB courses where 30 bed strength is required for each speciality and the total number required was much above the 120 beds available. This decision to increase the minimum bed strength was taken to address such situations.

In case of single specialty or stand alone super speciality hospitals he said this rule may not be strictly implemented and decision will be taken case to case. Specialty hospital with less than 200 beds can appeal to the specialty Boards.

The requirement of CET qualification and central counseling will strengthen the family medicine DNB courses was another point stressed by Executive Director of National Board of Examinations. This year 15,000 candidates have passed part I for 4500 seats. This is possibly a reflection of the good exam results recently.

Dr. Murthy once again requested that National Board accredited hospitals and faculty be involved in decision making and also examiners and inspectors. Dr. Srinath Reddy assured that the process has started and will continue.

Dr. Alexander Thomas has requested for listing the members of the specialty advisory board in the website of National Board of Examinations which was readily accepted.

The National Board is taking the matter of equivalence with MCI up with the Health Ministry and a meeting is scheduled between DNB and MCI with Health Ministry at Delhi

He also thanked National Board of Examinations authorities for appointing ombudsman to go into the grievances and other points referred for opinion.

Dr. Srinath Reddy had suggested that the National Board accredited Institutions and their staff for participating in research especially multi centre research and Executive Director has informed that National Board of Examinations is conducting and negotiating with various publishers of the Journals, both national and international for some kind of bulk subscriptions which will be useful for all the accredited hospitals.

The meeting concluded with Dr. Alexander Thomas thanking Dr. Srinath Reddy-President and Dr. Bipin Batra- Executive Director of National Board of Examinations for facilitating and attending this meeting.

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