The following were present:

  • Dr. K.K. Talwar - Chairman, MCI
  • Dr. Alexander Thomas
  • Dr. Sudhir Joseph
  • Dr. H.S. Ballal
  • Col. Rajeev Mannali
  • Dr. B.S. Murthy
  • Dr. Rajkumar V. Patil


Dr. Talwar spent more than an hour with us (Dr. Sudhir Joseph, Dr. H. S. Ballal, Dr. Rajeev Mannali, Dr. Rajkumar Patil, and Dr. B. S. Murthy) and initially did express some apprehensions on the quality in some of the National Board institutions.  After we explained the new steps taken by the National Board to maintain the quality, Dr. Talwar said that he will consider the matter after discussing with Dr. Sirnath Reddy.  Dr. Srinath Reddy is out of the country and will be back on 24th November.  Dr. Talwar also enquired as to why the NB super speciality courses are not recognised by MCI.


Proposal regarding grant of equivalence of DNB teaching faculty as MCI teachers was discussed.  As of now, the country has different standards in DNB accredited institutions and University teaching Hospitals.  Therefore it was thought necessary that we should have the following:


  1. Uniform designation for teachers of MCI and NB (For eg.; today freshly passed Post-graduates are designated as Assistant Professors in some of the institutes without doing the Senior Residency programme.)
  1. Teachers should be exchanged between the University teachers recognized by MCI and faculties of the NB.
  1. It was felt that since the strength of Private Hospitals and Medical Colleges are available, they should be utilized.  There is a need to tap the potential for academic teachers to be utilized by Board as well as the Council.



  1. Uniform educational facilities   for training and clinical materials for the students and uniform teaching facilities. 
  1. The syllabus in the courses of MD and DNB should be same.
  1. Uniform board for PG admissions for which entrance examinations is to be held for the academic year 2012 onwards. 
  1. Enhanced quality of medical Graduate as well as Post-graduate teaching in the country.


  1. Proposal to integrate and merge the Board and to form uniform Medical Council with uniform designations.   
  1. It was discussed that the National Board and the Medical Council should work together in future and may provide uniform qualification to all the courses offered by National Board and Medical Council: 

For e.g. :  MD (Med) offered by DNB should be MD (Med-NBE)

It was decided to meet on 1st December, 2011 with MOH in New Delhi.

Other matters
1. With reference to the request of Dr. Dhiraj Gupta (whose letter was circulated earlier). There was discussion as to whether a students association under the umbrella of ANBAI should be started, generally it was felt that ANBAI is still in its formative years and we may not be able to do this presently.  Also there are a couple of DNB students associations in existence.  However Dr. Dhiraj Gupta could help Dr. B.S. Murthy in our academic activities.

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